How It All Began

I decided to experiment on my Facebook page.   While I was never one to frequently update my Facebook status, there are several people who blow up my newsfeed with several updates a day.  Most of these updates screamed "I'm totally fucking lying because my life sucks, but I want  you to be jealous as fuck!"  In the hope that honesty would be contagious, I decided to post once a day with a status that said, "don't you wish you were like me?" And once that said, "this is the real me! My life is not perfect because there is NO SUCH THING!"

Instead of referring to this as "Facebooking," I call it, "Fakebooking."  I decided that I would Fakebook for one month, but it really became difficult to come up with updates.  Instead, I decided to just number the days, more to see how long I could keep it up!  

That experiment turned into this blog, after some of my friends suggested that my Fakebook statuses would make great blog material.  I hope anyone who stops by agrees!

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