Saturday, June 2, 2012

List: Five reasons why I have a love/hate relationship with Summer

  1. LOVE the fact that I can open all the windows in the house!
    HATE the fact that Boy, 45 a/k/a husband, thinks it is too hot when it is 60 degrees in the house, so he closes all the windows and turns on the A.C. We will battle about this all summer long.
  2. LOVE going to the beach on a beautiful day!
    HATE wearing a bathing suit. Hate seeing skinny bitches older than me wearing string bikinis-some who look fabulous in them, and some who need animal control called on them, because beavers are NOT allowed on the beach.
  3. LOVE the cute summer clothes and tank tops!
    HATE tit-pits. Men and women get tit pits. I've even seen celebs with tit-pits. Here's a picture so you'll know what I mean. (By the way, the pictures were taken from Google  Images.  The first one is NOT me!)  The tit-pits are circled in orange.  These tit-pits are rather small, however, they do come in a variety of sizes!

Tit-pits even happen to anorexic
"I survive solely on organic lettuce" skinny-ass celebrities:

That is just nasty.  Tuck that shit in!
4.      LOVE sandals and flip-flops.
HATE "Mandals" on gross hairy-toed men who have nasty ass talons. (I just puke-burped!)  Have you heard of nail clippers?  I'm not opposed to men wearing sandals, but manscaping can extend to your feet!  Enough said. 
5.      LOVE the warm weather and light-weight shorts and capris.
HATE sweaty ass, or “SWASS.”  Swass happens when your neck and back sweat and the sweat drips down to your ass.  You’ve probably seen it on people jogging or exercising (which is another reason why I do neither).  Swass feels nasty, looks nasty, and the only way to avoid showing that you have swass is to make sure you have black shorts on it if is a hot day! 

I'm sure more reasons will come to me as the summer progresses, so I will post a new lisgt whenever I come up with more, but I'd love to know why YOU love/hate summer?  Comment to let me know!

Photos copied from Google Images.


  1. Swass, swack, swalls and swussy. Feel free to use the last three as I have used twat waffle several times.

    Where do you get these wonderful words?

  2. Loving it, you tell them girl.

  3. I agree, back here in WV summer time brings out the infamous camel toes, and byotches who come out wearing their kids shorts everything dumping out, over and under.
    Loved the posting

    1. How the hell did I forget about camel toes? Moose Knuckles are just as bad (on guys who wear tight jeans or shorts...)