Sunday, June 17, 2012

Random Crap That Bugs Me: Pajamas in Public

When did it become acceptable to wear pajamas in public?  I see it everywhere - kids getting out of school, adults in the supermarket, Target, the name it, you will see someone wearing pajamas.  It doesn't matter if it is 8:00 in the morning, 1:00 in the afternoon, or 7:00 in the evening.  People wear pajamas all day!

Yup, we just rolled out of bed, ass breath and all, and we are ready to hit the books!

I can't help but wonder, did they just roll out of the rack, throw on shoes and head out?  Did they brush their teeth?  Shower?  Get out of bed, remove the pajamas they slept in and then put on a fresh pair?  If so, why?  Kids who show up to school in pajamas should be sent home.  They won't be able to pull that shit in the real world, so why should it be accepted at school?  Don't get me wrong-I'm all for being comfortable, but if I went to work in my pajamas, all I would want to do is relax at my desk.  Maybe take a little nap. Curl up in my chair with a fuzzy blanket and a cuppa tea and do nothing all day. 

Yeah, yeah. I'll get right on that, boss!

As if seeing students file in and out of school in pajamas isn't bad enough, I have to see grown women in the grocery store walking around in their ill-fitting "Pink" across the ass pajama pants, complete with slippers that they are trying to pass off as shoes (but they are clearly slippers), and ROLLERS in their hair!  Rollers!  You couldn't take the fucking rollers out?  Seriously?  What would possess someone to leave their house like this?  Why bother even putting the rollers in if you are comfortable enough to be out in public looking like that?   Could your hair possibly be so bad that it looks better with the rollers than without?  I'm curious about these PJ wearers.  Do they change into clean PJs when they get home?  Do they go to bed wearing the same PJs they had on all day?  Do they ever wear regular clothes? Is throwing on a pair of friggen jeans really that difficult?  If you are over 35, regardless of how nice of an ass you think you have, you should not wear anything that says something across your fart locker.  Period.  You may think you are a MILF, you may even BE a MILF/Cougar, but you are still too old to be rocking the "Pink" across the bum.  To me, it's just as bad as an adult rocking Disney apparel.  You're too fucking old for Tinkerbell, and you're too old for words on your ass. 

Curlers and Pajamas Offender at Wal-Mart!

The PJs as clothing trend extends to men, too.  Guys wear plaid flannel PJ pants with socks and flip flops.  What fuck?    How is this even remotely acceptable?  Aren't socks and sandals a fashion no-no?   And another thing - I don't want to see your friggen underwear.  It's great that you wear a size Medium in Hanes Boxer Briefs. I suppose if I was a size Medium in anything, I would want to wear the tag on the outside, but I'm not, so I don't, and neither should you!  I don't want to see ANYONE's underwear (except maybe Channing Tatum's....swoon...but that's a story for another blog)!

Don't mind the stain...Damn internet porn!


  1. Oh yeah another one that I can relate to. If ppl are that tired, they need to stay home until they are rested before heading out the door.

  2. Hilarious!!! I totally agree...pj's in public drive me INSANE!!!!!!!

  3. I remember once going into a convenience store and seeing a woman in there wearing a housecoat, pink fuzzy slippers and rollers in her hair. Unbelievable. The pajamas in public thing is annoying and the moms with PINK across their asses is just plain stupid. I so agree!

  4. In my experience, those with words across their butts are usually the butts that you really don't want to look at!

    Also, a movie is coming to a theater near you at the end of June called Magic Mike.... Channing Tatum. Get your dollar bills ready.

    1. TRUE THAT! :)

      Magic Mike has been written on my calendar and circled in red for a month and a half now, at least. I CANNOT WAIT! Love, love, love, love him!

  5. Check out my Oh Look, It's A Scrotum post I did back in January.....I can't stand the pajama wearing freaks.