Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day Eleven


What I Say: Woke up on Mother's Day to Breakfast in Bed!

What I Mean: This picture was not taken in my house. It's a Google Image. Further proof it's not my bedroom is the fact that the bed is made! The only time my bed is made is when (a) I change the sheets, (b) people are coming over, or (c) I've decided to go on a cleaning spree. I did wake up to a wonderful homemade card from Daughter #2. Of course, I'll be picking up scraps of paper from now till next mother's day from the cut-out hearts she made, but it's the thought that counts. After the card, I spent the morning at......where else? The softball field! I should mention that the kids surprised me with dinner last night. I walked in to find the table set and 5 shiny red lobsters sitting on a bed of steamers waiting for me! I almost took a picture and posted it, but then I remembered I'm not a real Fakebooker. I'm just a pretend one. It was very nice, but of course, when everyone was done, they all disappeared, leaving me to clean up after the massacre. Lobster carcasses, empty clam shells, crustacean innards, and melted butter spashes pretty much everywhere! I would honestly rather clean up after Thanksgiving Dinner!

I don't want my kids to see this and think I'm being ungrateful. I love my gifts, I love my kids, and I enjoyed my weekend. I'm pretty sure they know that even though I didn't provide a list of the gifts they gave me (more than mentioned above), thank them on Facebook and tell them how much they mean to me. I do that in person, to them, without including all of you. And for that, I hope you are all grateful!

PS: Happy Mother's Day to all the Fabulous Mothers I know

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  1. These are the absolute BEST blogs that I have ever read!! Keep writing. I need a daily laugh!! You're awsome!!