Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day Fourteen

What I say:    Wow, today really flew by!  I can't imagine ever being a stay at home Mom and not working full-time.  I'm so lucky to have such a loving, supportive family!

What I mean:  FUCK THAT.   I would give my left breast (not that anyone would want it),  not to have to work full-time.  I'm only crabby because I actually cooked dinner tonight.  I figured I'd give the pizza place a night off.  But cooking meant going to the grocery store after work.  By the time I got home, cooked dinner and sat down to write, it was 7:30. When I did sit down, I listened to everyone bitch and moan.

Girl 15: "Are you blogging?"
Girl 12:  "OMG, that's all she ever does anymore!"
Boy, 45 (a/k/a 3rd child/husband):  "Are you ever going to do laundry?"
Dog:  Wagged his tail in agreement with everyone else.

Seriously? So I did what any other annoyed mother who just worked all day, cooked (even though I don't do that often), and cleaned up after dinner would do.  I gave them all the finger in my head (except for Boy, 45 - I just told him to bite me), and went to my bedroom.  I could couldn't* care less if anyone ever has a clean pair of skivvies again.  I'm separating my laundry from the gargantuan pile taking up residence in my basement, bringing it to the Wash & Fold where I will fork over 2 bucks per pound and they can all kiss my ass!

*Corrected for Sean, since gramatically incorrect phrases bug him (incidentally, they bug the crap out of me too, so thank you)!


  1. My DS 12 does that too. "you're always working on your blog. You care about that blog more than us." whaaaa...blah blah blah

  2. I guess there's the difference, my wife encourages me to write in my blog, she seems to feel that it helps me not strangle a midget or something.