Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day Five

What I Say: Fabulous family getaway weekend, but happy to be back home!
What I Mean: My laundry has grown to 20 loads. I spent most of the weekend cleaning the camper and picking up after everyone. Now I'm home, and I get to do it all over again, but here! I would like to find the person who determined that the work week would be 5 days and the weekend would only be 2, and punch him right in the piehole. Had a great time at the Lady A concert, which was the highlight of the weekend. A close second to Lady A was the discovery of peanut butter Oreos! Like I needed to find something else to push me closer to wearing a Minnie Mouse caftan.

I'm dead serious when I say I have no idea how people update their status so much....I type someting and then quickly delete it because I can't help but think, "Who the hell cares?" Also, since I started this experiment, I find myself trying to think of witty things to say all day...instead of focusing on things that really matter (i.e., laundry).

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