Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day Six

What I Say: Prepared homemade Chicken Pot Pie for Dinner! Yum!

What I Mean: Mrs. Budd made it. Technically I put it in my oven, and I'm at home, so it's homemade, damn it! And really, how do you know Mrs. Budd didn't make it in her home? Now, if I was a really annoying "FakeBooker" (the term I've decided to use when referring to those who update their statuses several times a day and make their lives sound so much better than they really are), I'd take a picture of it, and show you just how talented I want you to think I am. A FakeBooker may also add details like "grew the vegetables in my organic backyard garden from seedlings," or "let the kids help me peel potatoes!" I'm pretty sure the reason they do this is because their life really sucks, and they want you to believe it does not! However, some FakeBookers have been faking it for so long, they actually start to believe their FakeBooking as the truth. The friggen maid didn't show up again today, so I have laundry coming out of my ass. 

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